? Love Inc Of North Flathead
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Staff Member
Executive Director

Lennie Eaton


I learned about Love INC when my pastor approached my husband and I about attending a meeting to learn more about it. We were excited about the opportunity especially me as I had been praying asking Lord to use me as his vessel to help those in our community. I wanted to give back to those here where I was born and raised, as I had been helped when I was a young wife and mother of three. As I continued to pray and go to the meetings I felt my heart swell with emotion — could this be the answer to my prayers? Did the Lord want me to help in someway? Two days later I had my confirmation they asked me to serve on the development board I was so excited. I could be part of a real solution helping people here at home where my heart is. Not only am I doing what the Lord called me to do, I am also living my dream of helping those who need a hand up right here at home. We have an awesome GOD!! I am honored to be the Executive Director for Love In the Name of Christ of NF.