? Love Inc Of North Flathead
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FAQ           Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. What is Love INC?
    • A: Love In the Name of Christ is a proven outreach model that helps churches help people in need.

      It has potential to be one of the most effective management, mobilization, and networking tools available to churches today.

      Using the Love INC model, local churches come together as a network.

      It’s a cooperative effort that strives to make a lasting impact on individuals, families, and children in need.
  • Q. Why do communities need Love INC?
    • A: Private and government agencies provide many services, but they are by no means able to meet today’s growing demand of needs or respond fully to the complex issues represented by these needs.

      Love INC’s network of resources, skills, and volunteers helps close the gaps.

      Additionally, Love INC’s relational model, which includes life skills instruction, friendship and coaching seeks to promote independence from the cash assistance programs that are so costly to communities.
  • Q. Why do churches need Love INC?
    • A: Jesus gave His followers the great commandment to love one another. Love INC helps churches turn that love into action in strategic ways that are matched with identified needs in the community. Each church and individual is encouraged to contribute the particular work or resource that best suits their gifts, talents and time. Thus, all of us are moved along in fulfillment of our unique calling and able to make the greatest impact on our community and, wonderfully, we are changed in the process as well. Time and again, Love INC volunteers tell how this type of service to others enriches and changes their life.
  • Q. Why does Love INC work?
    • A: There is an untapped army of volunteers in local churches who are ready, willing, and able to build relationships with those in need. Love INC gives volunteers safe, manageable, and specific opportunities to put their Christian faith and love to work.
  • Q. Do churches with differing doctrines participate in the same network?
    • A: Yes. As a matter of fact, Love INC currently has over 60 Christian denominations participating nationwide. Do you believe God calls your church to minister to those in need in your community? Are there individuals in your congregation who want to be involved in ministry? Churches that answer “Yes” to these basic questions are on common ground and that’s enough to begin a successful collaboration.
  • Q. How are donated funds used by Love INC?
    • A: The majority of Love INC funds are used to operate our programs, including clearinghouse and transportation.